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About MaKa Movement

getting people healthY AND  through yoga & mind-body principles

The world needs yoga now more than ever. People are stressed, isolated, not moving much, eating high processed foods, feel like crap, overweight, and uninspired. 

Make a difference in someone's life. Teach what you love. Learn to teach with grace, harmony, balance, and knowledge. 

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MaKa offers adult yoga, Pilates & Barre, as well as workshops, private sessions, teacher trainings, and outdoor community events. Kids programs are also offered twice/year. Keep checking in for summer programs - yoga in the park, workshops, meditation classes and CEU for Yoga Alliance members. 

Coming: Chakras & Asana - 8-week workshop. 

Tuesday nights 7-9pm

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MaKa Movement's mission is to inspire and educate others about holistic healing, connecting with our bodies, minds and spirits and finding joy, peace and aliveness through movement, meditation, and mindfulness. We are passionate about changing the world with kindness, compassion and love. It's our believe that suffering is a necessary part of life, but that we are given tools to help us reduce and even eliminate suffering. It's simple really - how do you feel now? How do you want to feel? how can I help you
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