We offer 200 & 300-hour  Yoga Teacher Training Courses, yoga continuing education for teachers and practitioners, group classes in: meditation, Pilates, vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, chair yoga, chair Pilates, Barre and mindful movement.

Private and corporate coaching. 

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Melisa Uchida founded MaKa Movement to educate and help people feel good about their bodies and be their most vibrant and healthy selves with yoga, Pilates, nutrition, meditation and connection.  

Melisa spent her teenage years in and out trouble and eventually ended up in a reform school in Utah, Her art teacher gave her a cassette of Shakti Gwain's creative visualization meditation. Melisa used it every night for the entirety of her two year stay. 

She struggled with low self-worth, body image issues, shame and a deep rooted feeling of being unworthy. 

"I got sober in my early 20's and started working out like crazy. I was sober, but still didn't feel good. Yoga found me shortly after and changed my life. I was hooked from my first class. Since then, yoga has made physically, mentally&emotionally stronger than I thought possible. It's gotten me through calling off a wedding, career changes, divorce, pregnancies and three amazing children, miscarriage, and the traumatic death of my husband in 2021, as well as living with his mental illness. The benefits are so big, I can't imagine how I could have made it through the past year without 20 year of practice under my belt." 

The physical benefits are amazing of course. I no longer have asthma attacks, my body is strong and flexible, No longer am I slave to cravings for food or booze or things that poison my body. I'm I love the gracefulness and discipline required. I love being in the zone, where time ceases. I love teaching students new ways to open themselves up to physical and mental challenges, to move beyond the limits we put on ourselves. 

raise the vibration of humanity, through movement, mindfulness, education, nutrition and community. We are inspired to increase self-confidence, resilience, joy and health, for all bodies - regardless of shape, size, age, ailments and abilities. We use combinations of modern and ancient healing, coaching and mindfulness practices, to cleanse, release, empower, rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. MaKa is a holistic system to health, happiness and sustainability. 

Melisa Uchida created MaKa Movement to change the world by bringing joy, fun and creativity to self-expression and fitness. In 2010, she founded MaKa Movement LLC, then focused on physical fitness with yoga, Pilates, Barre, personal training and nutrition. Melisa's mission has expanded and now includes physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health & wellbeing. She is a master teacher and yoga educator, conducts workshops and teacher trainings virtually and in-person in Maryland, USA. She has helped hundreds of yoga teachers launch their careers with love and devotion. She teaches with presence, compassion and love. Her mission - to help ease people's suffering. Her formula is simple. How do you feel now? How do you want to feel? How do we get there? 
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If you could make a change to your life and live your best life ever, what would that look like?   

What would that look like? Who would you be? 

How do you get there? 

Make a difference in someone's life. Teach what you love.

Learn to teach with grace, harmony, balance, and knowledge. 

Email Melisa for more info at makamovement@gmail.com

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