Ashtanga Primary Series: This is a set sequence of postures created by the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Ashtanga is a rigorous practice that required dedication and consistency. The class may be taught with verbal cues, or "Mysore" which is silent, but assists, guidance, and help is given on an individual basis. Mysore is a wonderful way to practice yoga, as it forces the student to learn to be mindful of her breathing, movement, and sequencing. Melisa's welcoming teaching style and adjustments make this class like silent therapy in 75-minutes of work, peace, work, practice, practice and practice. If there are newer students, Melisa guides you with very little verbal cueing through the sequence. The practice itself becomes your teacher.

Barre Basics:

This 50-minute dance-based workout uses the ballet barre and small hand-weights to strengthen and tone the entire body.

Baltimore Barre & Baltimore Barre Plus (75-minutes)

Brick Bodies version of barre-fitness in a fun, sassy, challenging, high intensity class. Students will stretch, and strengthen and tone and sculpt and burn muscles to fatigue to get an amazing workout each time they walk through the door. In 60 and 75-minute formats, Baltimore Barre will give you the results you want if you commit. 3-5 classes a week and see the inches melt off. $12.50/class. Pre-registration online through Brick Bodies Padonia.

Hot Vinyasa Level 2/3:

Intermediate to advanced yoga classes designed to warm the body and work on intermediate asanas including arm balances, inversions and intermediate transitions. Prior yoga experience suggested. Pre-requisite: Be able to hold downward-facing dog for three minutes without struggle.  Hot Vinyasa classes are heated to about 95-98 degrees.

Mat Pilates:

Strengthen and tone muscles, reduce or eliminate pain, increase balance and posture in this workout based on the principles of Joseph Pilates. Melisa Uchida is a STOTT certified instructor. Level I and Level II classes.

Pilates Reformer:
Fine tune your body, strengthen your core, lengthen your physique, feel good and without any impact on your joints. This full-body workout leaves you feeling strong, lean, improves postures, decreases back pain, increases energy and vitality.  Pilates Reformer in small group classes (4-5 MAX). $25-$35/class. 50-minute classes at
Brick Bodies Padonia, LNK and LifeBridge. Pre-registration required. 

Reformer REMIX:
This combination class uses the Reformer to help those who love yoga and barre and Pilates. Specific exercises are worked to coincide with increased balance, focus, and stabilizers needed in yoga and barre. Music mixes make this class a fun sampler of your favorite workouts!
LifeBridge Health & Wellness Only. Pre-registration required.

Students explore and practice basic hatha yoga postures in a well-rounded class that covers integration, standing postures, balancing postures, core work, spinal extension, forward folds, spinal rotation and side flexion in an accessible way for all. There will be little to no vinyasa in this class format, depending on participants. 

Yoga Fundamentals:
This 45-minute class introduces fundamental principles of hatha yoga, including breath work. Each class will focus on a type of posture or area of the body. This is a great class for beginners, people with disabilities or injuries, elderly, or for yoga practitioners who want to learn the nitty gritty details of alignment, benefits, technique and specifics of yoga that aren't covered in flow class formats. 

Vinyasa Yoga:

All all-levels flowing class, that incorporates intention, movement, breath and awareness. 

Heated Power Vinyasa:  90-95 degrees. Similar to vinyasa yoga, but with more emphasis on athletic and intermediate postures. The focus in on physical strength, balance as well as mindfulness. 

A dynamic workout that combines the stretching and toning of Yoga, the Core work of mat Pilates and the strength conditioning of Barre.