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private & Small Group, corporate YOGA, PILATES, meditation & stretching available

Love yoga or Pilates, but not sure you're doing it right? Just one private session
can change your entire practice. Melisa guarantees you will get more out of your yoga practice by learning proper alignment, breathing technique and awareness that comes from private sessions. Each session is tailored to your needs. Whether you want to work on alignment, lose weight, reduce pain, tone up, reduce stress or increase flexibility, or master specific asanas or exercises, one-on-one sessions will help you reach your goals faster. Choose from: meditation & refyoga, Mat Pilates, Pilates on the reformer, gentle stretching, athletic stretching, breath-work and meditation, postural alignment sessions, strength-building, Barre work or a create-your own combination session. Contact Melisa to schedule at
Cost: $90-$140 per/hour (in person)

Contact Melisa at to schedule your private or group session via Zoom. 

Corporate clients